Friday, April 25, 2008

About Me

Name : Ice climers

Birth date: We were born in 1985 on the nintendo entertainment system.

occupation: We climb ice and to look for vegetables.

Other: We whip any and all foes that think they can beat us. We are team players and fight as a team. Our allies include zero suit samus, Ike, and lucario. We also enjoy the music kid frost, baby bash, and avril lavigne as we scale mountains.

Political views: We feel we were underrepresented in the super smash bros brawl storyline and want more of a say in the next one.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Climate

Mexican Americans are not only the largest Spanish speaking group in this country but the largest minority group in America. The suffer from the same problems and issues most American minorities suffer but they are more disadvantaged because of the language barrier. Most Mexican parents don’t speak English and their children must learn it from going to school. Between July 1, 2005 and July, 1 2006 Hispanics accounted for almost half of Americas growth, with 44.3 million total in 2007. Although they are a large minority in this country their language as well as their culture is underrepresented in the media.

A Movement

When hip hop first came out it was seen as just a new black form of music when Hispanics were present within the same oppressed communities as African Americans. Chicano rap’s movement came about simply through adding another dimension to hip hop, adding another face that was present from the start and the media ignored. Songs like “La Raza” by kid frost, “Mexican power” by proper dos, and “Mentirosa” by mellow man ace were hit singles that rapped in English along with their native tongue. They also spread awareness of their culture not only by preaching pride of their heritage but simply by featuring Spanish American faces in their videos. This changed the predominantly black association of hip hop to include Spanish Americans as a subculture.

Latino Superstars

Cypress hill considered the first “Latino superstars” were pioneers in the Chicano rap movement with their experimentation of the rhythms and their voices leading to a major influence in 90’s hip hop. Big Pun was a successful one the first solo Chicano rap artists to be signed by a major label. Unfortunately, due to physical health problems he passed away, but not before forming the terror squad with Fat Joe. Currently, Fat Joe and Baby bash are spear heading the movement with just presence in mainstream hip hop and showing latino faces in thier videos.

Slow Success

Today Chicano rap movement is taking place mostly underground throughout the United States. It Is where Chicano raps language and culture is accepted in its entirety. The chicano movements main goal is recieve mainstream acceptance. The University of California Riverside radio puts on annually a Chicano music festival “designed to provide guidance for Chicano and Latino students through college, and also to help them overcome cultural or institutional barriers that may hamper their university experience.” This just one major accomplishment by the chicano movement to raise awareness, with many more to come.